We work collaboratively at Opus Stewart Weir

Building relationships with a wide variety of organizations and industry leading companies is part of what makes our team so strong.

These partnerships allow us to bring the right team, technology and local knowledge to each project. These are some of our partners:

Meridian Surveys

We have a joint venture relationship with one of Canada’s leading companies providing pipeline construction survey services. Meridian Surveys’ expertise integrates well with ours, providing an effective team with the necessary manpower, technical abilities and knowledge to undertake all aspects of major pipeline projects. This combined team has worked on many of the major pipeline projects throughout western Canada.


USW Gamma Industrial Services Ltd

USW Gamma is  a wholly owned subsidiary of Opus Stewart Weir but operationally independent, based on the building and construction trades culture and operating philosophy. The company provides industrial survey services to various plant and construction sites in the Edmonton and Alberta industrial heartland areas. Field staff are members of the Operating Engineers and Labour Union components. The company also provides engineering services such as 3D scanning, materials testing, and design and project management through its relationship with us.


Euclideon is a Brisbane, Australia based software company that delivers unparalleled 3D visualisation experiences. The company developed Geoverse – a best in breed solution that enables users to view all their point cloud data without delays or stripping out data. Collaborating with Euclideon allows us to help our clients make informed decisions; leveraging the purchases they are already making in LiDAR and point cloud data to boost efficiency.