Preventing injury in transport and the built environment is a key focus of WSP Opus Research

Our team includes some of New Zealand’s top researchers in the areas of statistical crash modelling, slip and skid testing, structural integrity and human factors evaluations.

We undertake a wide range of research relating to safety and frequently bring a multidisciplinary approach to projects, using our diverse capabilities.

Our research and testing services include:

  • Crash Analysis System (CAS) interrogation
  • Safety management of road networks, through KiwiRAP and crash prediction models
  • Road crash reconstruction using PC Crash
  • Skid resistance, e.g. GripTester surveys and British Pendulum Testing
  • Pedestrian slip testing
  • Building safety standards
  • Instrumentation and data capture
  • Evaluation of safety interventions
  • Structural integrity testing, in particular concrete structures
  • Human factors evaluations, including human performance testing

Many of our researchers sit on safety focused review panels as well as offer expert reviews for safety focused journals and specialist technical advice regarding safety initiatives and standards.